R stands for Relational.  Learner-to learner interaction enhances learning and builds Christian friendships.

E is for Experiential.  What we experience sticks with us much, much longer than what we simply hear or read.  Expect some fun and unusual experiences.

A is for Applicable.  We want to have something we can walk out the door with and use, something that will make a difference in our lives.

L is for Learner-based.  We learn more when the learning process takes into consideration how we learn best.  Some learners need to see, some need to hear, some need to feel, some need to speak, some need to move their bodies to get the point.  We try to incorporate many different learning activities so we hit these different learning styles.  Learner-based also means age appropriate.

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Bible Buzz from Group makes R.E.A.L. Excitement@9:30 & R.E.A.L. Noise@9:30 fun for kids because they experience Bible truths in ways they enjoy and understand.  Buzz is more than a written lesson — it’s an interactive experience!  Kids will learn in whatever way fits their style — whether that’s reading, acting, drawing, listening, singing, playing a game, and more.  And kids can’t wait to get started because they make choices throughout the lesson.  As kids dig into the Bible with creative activities, they’ll soak up life-changing lessons that’ll really stick.  Plus, they’ll build relationships with one another, watch for God with God Sightings, apply Bible truths to their daily lives, and even pray for each other.

Group Publishing’s Grapple® Junior High helps our R.E.A.L. Discoveries@9:30 group tackle the tough questions our middle schoolers are asking about their own relationships with God, others, and themselves.  They dig into the real-life issues they are dealing with every day… and what the Bible says about these issues.  Our middle schoolers stay engaged as they participate in attention-grabbing lessons, thought-provoking videos, fun games, and deep, life-changing Bible lessons.

You want your teenagers to be firmly rooted in their faith.  R.E.A.L. Depth@9:30 is for them.  Group Publishing’s CoreTruth™ is a theologically-focused youth curriculum that focuses on core Christian beliefs.  High schoolers study core truths — one each month — that will help them build a solid faith foundation for their future.  Each quarter, they study three core truths of the Christian faith in an interactive, relational way that will be relevant and applicable to them for the rest of their lives.