Jesus spoke in parables.  Drama skits are like parables of Jesus’ teachings with people acting out a scene that demonstrates the right and wrong way of doing things.  Drama skits can dramatize an event.  Drama can make you think deeper, or laugh at yourself, or bring tears to your eyes.  Our drama skits are short and to the point and are presented as part of our Sunday service.

Puppet Shows are directed to the children in our audience.  The stories appeal to their young minds and help them to understand a lesson.  It’s funny, but the adults in the room seem to enjoy the puppet shows as much as the children!

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In December 2014, TCCC invited our community to a drive thru series of “mini-skits” depicting everyday life where God Sightings were shown to change lives.  The program happened on two cold nights with a light rain, but that didn’t stop the actors from being there as advertised and it didn’t stop the line of family cars that drove thru.  Hot chocolate was served to everyone in every car ….and for every actor in every skit, all agreed, “do it again next year!”

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