• April 14th, 2013

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  • Pride (I Tim. 5:18)
  • Instruct (Prov. 1:8
  • Encourage (I Thess. 2:11)
  • Discipline (Heb. 12:7) – Don’t discipline in anger
  • Train (Eph. 6:4)
  • Love (Eph. 5:25)

*Anyone can father a child – what a child needs is a father

I Tim. 3:4  “Rule his family” “Manage”

*Rule: Whatever comes at them hits him first; to stand before

*You have to stop the abuse & trauma or it repeats itself each generation





These issues don’t go away when you’re an adult.

*Principles, not promises.

*Matt. 6:25-26 “Our Father”